“I did not know how many individuals had been members of the band, although in algebraic terms I could render the number as (X - 1). I did not know the names of (X - 1), or how old they were, or how long they had worked together. I did not know where in England they were from. I did not know whether or not there was supposed to be a “the” in front of their name. I did not know the titles of any of their songs, or how many records they had made, or if they had made records at all. When I stumbled across a copy of their first album in an import bin, its not-yet-iconic sleeve misfiled in “MISC U-V” between Ultravox and Van Der Graaf Generator, I bought it and took it home and played it—and I still didn’t know any of these things.”

—from “Blind Item: (X - 1),” which appears in the just-published fifth issue of Damon & Naomi’s Exact Change e-zine.


Described by Andy Zax as the worst Christmas record of all time.  It also made number 2 on the charts in December 1967.

‘California Earthquake’ by Lloyd Cole is my new jam.
‘Mind Train’ by Yoko Ono is my new jam.
‘Judy Nylon’ by ARP is my new jam.
‘I’m Not The Man You Think I Am Karen, I’m The Actor Tony Allen’ by Luke Haines is my new jam.
‘Atoms’ by Mineral is my new jam.

‘Atoms’ by Mineral is my new jam.

Dear Pitchfork: enough already.


Volume 3— the latest collection of sun-dappled pop songs she’s recorded with M. Ward under the name She & Him— provides further proof.

-May 10, 2013

The Todd Rundgren-sampling “So Far Away”, with the sun-dappled lushness of the Avalanches, is a clear highlight…

-April 25, 2013

“I think it’s a reaction to the weather we have: freezing cold, no light,” the de facto frontman Matias Tellez said of their sun-dappled sound.

-March 11, 2013

There are guitars everywhere— acoustic and sun-dappled on “Lost for Now”, electric and bluesy on “Astray”, stabbing Steve Cropper leads on “Winning Hand”.

-March 6, 2013

The sound of birdsong and the feel of a balmy, sun-dappled garden glows throughout.

-August 29, 2012

The video for “Godless Brother in Love”, a song from Iron & Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean, is sun-dappled and pastoral (minus the night shots, that is).

-January 3, 2012

Musically, Fleet Foxes stay true to sun-dappled acoustic guitars and dewy choirboy harmonies…

-December 15, 2011

The New York Times points to the sun-dappled clip for Best New Track “Honey Bunny,” the opening cut from Girls’ BNM-adorned  full-length Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

-September 20, 2011

You may remember hearing the tentacled, sun-dappled post-rock of “Pals” here in late January.

-May 31, 2011